I. catalogue cat‧a‧logue 1 [ˈkætəlɒg ǁ -lɒːg, -lɑːg] also catalog noun [countable] MARKETING
1. a book containing a list of products that are for sale together with their prices:

• You will find the product listed on page 19 of our current catalogue.

2. a mail order catalogue:

• our new menswear catalogue

ˌback ˈcatalogue MARKETING
a list of all the products a company has ever produced, and that it can still produce and sell:

• The record label's entire back catalogue was up for sale.

ˈcard ˌcatalogue
a set of cards that are arranged in a particular order and contain details about a large group of items, for example books:

• a series of card catalogues which allow retrieval by subject and author

ˌclassified ˈcatalogue
a catalogue in which things of the same type are together in groups:

• a classified catalogue of British books published since 1950

mail ˈorder ˌcatalogue MARKETING
a catalogue containing photographs and details of clothes and other goods for sale that people can order and have delivered to their home
ˌonline ˈcatalogue
1. MARKETING COMPUTING a catalogue of goods for sale that is displayed on a computer screen and from which you can order goods using your computer:

• Place your order from our online catalogue.

2. COMPUTING a computer program that allows you to search for information on a particular subject:

• monitoring user activity on an online catalog

  [m0] II. catalogue catalogue 2 also catalog verb [transitive]
to put a list of things into a particular order and write it in a catalogue:

• Edward catalogued the stock and took charge of the paperwork.

* * *

catalogue UK US UK (US catalog) /ˈkætəlɒg/ noun [C] COMMERCE, MARKETING
a book that contains a list of all the products that you can buy from a company, including descriptions and prices for each product: »

The auction house produces a catalogue full of colour photographs for each sale, available two weeks beforehand.

(also mail order catalogue) a book that contains pictures and prices of products that customers can order and that the company delivers to their homes: »

Vertbaudet is a children's clothing catalogue.


""Internet sales haven't replaced catalogue sales but have brought in new customers,"" he said.


The best advice is to buy charity Christmas cards direct from the catalogue.

See also BACK CATALOGUE(Cf. back catalogue), CARD CATALOGUE(Cf. ↑card catalogue), ONLINE CATALOGUE(Cf. ↑online catalogue)
catalogue UK US UK (US catalog) /ˈkætəlɒg/ verb [T]
to make a written record of things in the form of a list in a particular order: »

They will be hiring an archivist to continue the work of cataloguing the family's possessions.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

(arranged in a certain order), , , , ,

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